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Michigan High School AllStar Day

Michigan High School All-Star Day, an one-of-a-kind sports event for high school athletes across the state. At AJ's Automatic Jumper Foundation, we are passionate about giving back to the community and promoting physical fitness through sports. Our event is all about celebrating the talent and hard work of young athletes and providing them with a platform to showcase their skills in front of a wider audience. Come and support your favorite athletes, enjoy some great sports and be a part of the excitement!

April 11th 2024

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All Star Game

●If the all star game goes to overtime there will be a 3 minute overtime, if it goes again there will be a 1 minute overtime

●I will pick the nominees 

●Only seniors can play in the all star game & 1 on 1 match up

●Anyone can sign up for all the other competitions

●I ask that players promote on social media.

●I ask players to do a promo video post & send to me.

●I ask that all players be on time. 


Skills Challenge: 8 Participants, 2 players will compete against one another simultaneously, who ever finishes first will advance. Players must complete each station before moving on to the next one. First will be dribbling through the stationary defenders, next will be making a bounce pass through the passing target, you will have 3 opportunities to do so, next will be making a full court layup and lastly making a 3 point shot at the top of the key. 8-4-2-1


Dunk Contest: 6 Participants, 1st round each player will get 2 dunks & the 2 highest score averages will advance to the championship. During the Championship each player will get 2 dunks, the highest average wins. If there is a tie, there will be a 1 dunk off to break the tie. 6-2-1


1v1 Mini Tournament: 4 seniors will play a mini tournament. The rules are as follows, 3 dribbles, up to 11, 1's & 2's. The 5th Foul it will be 1 three pointer for 1 point. Every 3rd Foul after that will be a three pointer for 1 point. 


3 Point Contest: 15 Participants, 1 minute 10 seconds, 1 point for each ball, 2 for the money balls, choose your money rack and 3 points for the NBA range 3's. Two wing spots. 3 rounds 15-6-2-Champion 


All Star Game: 40 minutes, 10 players on each team. If the game goes to overtime there will be a 3 minute overtime. If it goes again there will be a 1 minute overtime. 

March 30th 2024

Thank you for making this event possible. We appreciate your support and dedication to making it a success.

Dunk Contest Highlight

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